AHU Technologies INC. mission is to turn the changes and challenges we are living through into opportunities for our clients to grow, employees to develop and for 
AHU Technologies INC. to win new business. The IT industry is experiencing growth and change like no other. Everywhere you turn there are IT companies opening their doors. A leader in full-service IT support, Ahu Tech Group takes its role seriously. Our top priority is providing best of breed solutions quickly and effectively. To do so, we depend on the strength of our people. With our growing practice, we are as committed to finding and providing the best technical solutions to our customers as we are to finding and developing the best people.


We look for talent, energy and a commitment to excellence. We value integrity, innovation and leadership. We need people who share our vision and our passion and are equipped to participate in a 21st century revolution.



Design and develop integration solutions using Ag webMethods Product Suite; Develop Framework (Logging Fwk, Caching Fwk, Error Handling Fwk , REST API Fwk , Code Review) and Prepare Technical Specifications, design documents, mapping specifications; perform code review and analysis, testing and deployment; Assist admin team to setup ESB infrastructure using wM 9.10 and 10.1 and higher version components including IS, MWS, UM, Centrasite, Terracotta, Insight Server.

Requirements: Requirements: Req’s Masters Deg + 3 years exp or Bachelors Deg + 5 years exp. Deg in any Tech/Bus/Mth/Sci/Engin or For.Eqv. Exp in any IT related occupation. 40 hrs/wk (9am-5pm-Mon-Fri). Job loc Newark, DE and may also be required to work at various unanticipated locations throughout U.S. $102232 yearly Salary .Send resume to AHU Technologies Inc, 15 Prestbury Square Bldg, Suite 11, Newark DE 19713
Resume to AHU Technologies, Inc 15 Prestbury Square Building, Suite 11, Newark DE 19713


Gather and analyze financial information in assisting forecast of business and future investment. Draw charts and graphs to illustrate technical reports. Conduct various financial analyses and prepare reports in SAP FI-AP (Financial Accounting Payable) module.

Requirements: Master degree in Finance or Financial Management. 40hrs/wk. Wage is $70,117.00/Year.

Position: Software Developer Brief Job Description:

Design, develop and modify software applications and specialized utility programs using all phases of software development life cycle. Customize software for use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency. Required extensive knowledge in Mainframe, Unix, Java, Teradata, Hadoop and Pig Scripting.


Master degree in Computer or Electronics Engineering. Hours: The job is for 40 hours/week. Annual Salary: $84,700.00/year. Location of Employment: Newark, Delaware

Resume to AHU Technologies, Inc 15 Prestbury Square Building, Suite 11, Newark DE 19713

AHU Technologies INC. is an IT consulting and permanent staffing firm that meets and exceeds the evolving IT service needs of leading corporations within the United States. 


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