Staff Augmentation

Acquiring full-time employees dedicated to a particular project can incur substantial costs in terms of finances, resources and time. At AHU, our expertise lies in optimizing cost structures through our staff augmentation services. We support you to succeed by connecting you with skilled professionals in the industry ready to fill your project team. We offer immediate access to carefully selected, bilingual tech talent in your time zone, with the flexibility to provide expertise beyond these roles as needed. Choose our staff augmentation services, and let’s collaboratively transform your concepts into high-quality solutions.

Explore How Our Staff Augmentation Services Can Help You Overcome Business Challenges

  • Bridging Expertise Gaps

    We eliminate technological gaps and expedite project timelines tapping into a ready pool of qualified candidates, ensuring the successful completion of projects of any complexity.

  • Cost Optimization

    Our staff augmentation service can yield substantial cost savings. We spare you from the need to hire in-house IT experts, thereby reducing long term employment costs such as employee benefits, ongoing training programs, and infrastructure expenses.

  • Flexible Scaling

    We allow you to effortlessly scale your team up or down with flexible contracts. Simply inform us of the roles you need and any adjustments in staffing, and we will seamlessly accommodate your requirements

  • Risk Mitigation

    Project delays can mean more than a pause; they could risk losing business. That is why our staff augmentation services offer a seamless way to add professionals, ensuring your projects stays on track.

How We Kickstart Staff Augmentation

  • Step 1: Reach Out to Us

    You drop us a line, and we make sure it lands in the hands of the right specialist for a proper look.

  • Step 2: Let’s Schedule a Meeting

    We reach out to you for a friendly chat, getting all the details about your project. Of course, we’ll sign a confidentiality pact so your secrets are safe with us.

  • Step 3: Let's do the Numbers

    Our smart analysts and developers put their heads together, crunching numbers to estimate the work scope and professionals you might need.

  • Step 4: Finding the Dream Team

    Next, we sift through our pool of pros, picking out the best matches based on collected data.

  • Step 5: Presenting Proposal

    We send over the selected CVs along with their hourly rates and all the conditions.

  • Step 6: Interviews Lineup

    You get to chat with our talented candidates, and if they meet your requirements, you give them the green light.

  • Step 6: Interviews Lineup

    You get to chat with our talented candidates, and if they meet your requirements, you give them the green light.

  • Step 7: Seal the Deal

    We seal the deal with a contract inorder to get started on your project pronto.

Need to Extend Your Team?